Monday, 19 August 2013

Gabe's games

An excerpt from the early memoirs of Prime Minister Gabe, leader of the free world. Also best mate of Prince George (who is married to his older sister Princess Erin I - who gets him in lots of loving headlocks). Then aged 2 and three quarters.

Boy, oh boy. It has been a busy day. Mummy is very, very keen to link up to the Ethans Escapades' Small Steps, Amazing Achievements link up, which celebrates our special moments. So keen she keeps making me do strange things and then pulls out her talky tappy thingy and starts pointing it at me to take those picture things. I love my mummy, but it is not much fun being made to do exercises on the floor. 

She cracks me up my mummy as she keeps saying stuff like: "Come on Gabe, I need something new here - just lift that head up there, put that arm over here, place your feet on this." So I have a little thinks for a bit and then I move my foot, head, arm, but by then she is putting the bubbly drink machine on or is giggling at something on the talky tappy thingy and she misses it. Then we start again. We could be watching Peppa Pig and the falling in the mud. I love Peppa - she is the bestest.

Ethan sounds ace and I am sure he doesn't want to hear about boring physio or my arms and legs. He wants to hear about cool things. So Ethan, my buddy, just for you something even cooler than my tales of balance, babble and blossoming. In fact all my baba and delayed dude mates can try these brill things out in their own homes. 


Gabe's game 1: the blinking game

This one is amazo. For this game you need another person and two sets of eye bulbs. The aim of the game is to blink. They blink, then you blink, they blink, you blink, they blink, you blink, they blink, you blink. It can hurt after a bit mind but it is the bestest fun. Mummy is a bit rubbish at it but daddy can do it forever or until little round circle things pop out of his eyes. Then he falls over everything and shouts "nobody move" until he finds them and puts them back in over his eyes. He is fabby my dadda.

Blink, then blink again
Gabe's game 2: opera singers

This shows me in my musical bestest. I love songs me especially Mozart. For this game you need a hand and a mouth and a mummy or daddy or anyone that likes singing. To start the person goes Arghhhhhh and lifts their arm and then I go Arghhhhh and lift my arm, but in a betterer higher voice that makes people cover their ears, 

For  video footage, go to my rock star facebook page: or click below.


Gabe's game 3: peek a boo

For this game you need a thingy and any thingy will do - plate, toy, mum's cardigan, even your own hand is bestest. It is quite hard to do so listen good. You take the thingy and put it in front of your face. Then take it away again. The big person always shouts boo (even when you don't even realise that you are playing a game and are just moving your thingy they shout boo! The big people are funny like that). So do you know what to do? Get thingy, put thingy in front of face and then move thingy away from face? Coolio.


Gabe's game 4: the snooze and vibrate game

Think this is my bestest fav. For this you need a handheld buzzy thingy (available from Amazon), a quiet room and comfy floor. Lie down, turn on to buzz, put it to your head and al presto snooze away and away and away. Yay!

Gabe's game 5: the hide from your sister game

For this game you need a big sister (think you can borrow one!) who likes to pick you up, squash you, tickle you and pull you around by your legs. The aim of the game is to escape. Fast. If she gets you in a headlock, try a quick jab to the side of her head. If that doesn't work scream at the top of your lungs until an adult comes and gets you. 





Gabe's game 6: the avoid the orange mush at all costs game

This game is important and one I have to play every day. Cause out comes the mush every day. Every day. Day after day. To play this game you need some orange mush (you can have mine), a spoon and a mummy or daddy or a kind auntie who has taken pity on mummy and daddy. To start make orange mush and get someone to put spoon near your face. Then shake your head as fast as you can. If you can grab the spoon you get bonus points. If you can grab the bowl and throw it you are the champion of all time. Good luck with this one. You will need it.

No spoon: lose

Got spoon: Won yay!

Got the bowl: jackpot!
So there you go. I would say that was an much betterer amazing small steps than anything mummy could come up with. Hope you enjoy playing them. Love Gabe xxx

Gabe's mum says: "In case you wondered what the amazing achievement was. He is well, he is happy and we are all having fun at the minute. That's a step step, but an amazing achievement."

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  1. I love this post, it really made me laugh. Ethan likes to play the orange mush game and I think we need to do the blinking game. I love the singing that is fantastic.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)