Sunday, 29 December 2013

My inside out sock

I am developing a thing for bed socks. Maybe it's an age thing but they are so damn comfy and snug that I can't help myself. The sight of them on the end of my feet on a cold morning getting the kids ready for school or on a lazy Sunday makes me feel all cosy inside.

Oh lovely bed socks of mine!!

I'm not sure what impact on the old marriage this new fetish for feet attire will have, but the long suffering husband keeps buying me them as stocking (boom boom) fillers so I guess he sees them as a racier alternative than say fluffy slippers.

Why (oh why!) is she boring me about bed socks you ask!

Well, the thing about them is that although they are all cool and funky on the outside they are not so pretty in the inside. You don't want them falling down to reveal their inner bobble knobbiness. Yet they are one and the same sock.

It made me think that this is what life is like. You have the majestic side and the rough side and it just depends which way around the sock is. This Mensa style analogy came to me on Christmas eve when I felt my funky new Christmas bed socks metaphorically slipping.

My six year daughter woke as we were going to bed (thankfully Santa had not been) and was too excited to go back to sleep. She then woke my seven year old son who got really upset that a little girl so wide awake would keep Father Christmas at bay. This might have been a storm in a teacup and they'd have eventually settled but they ended up waking the littlest man of the house. He has glue ear with the usual infections and is in the midst of a painful bout. So you can imagine he was delighted to be awoken from his slumber. It took until 4.30am to resettle him. Then the energetic duo woke again at 6.30am.

Bleary eyed and fast losing patience at 4am I had lost all festive cheer. IT'S NOT FAIR, I moaned to myself. Christmas is officially RUINED! My life is RUBBISH. WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER?! Bring down the lights, put away the presents, halt the chimney climbing (dramatic moi?) But then I looked at three wide-eyed faces two hours later and gave myself a little mental shake down. This is why God invented coffee. Christmas turned out to be anything but ruined and we had an amazing day. One of the best.

I am just human. Sometimes the old sock refuses to stay the right way around. Often I can feel it unravelling and can pull it up quick but sometimes it falls down all by it's self and it can take a while before I notice I've got it on backwards.

I can apply this sock mentality to so many aspects of life with Gabriel.

Sloppy sock: Gabe has hypotonia and being so floppy faces a life in a wheelchair.
Splendid sock: Despite his hypotonia, Gabe is doing great. Who would have thought we would achieve independent sitting this year and on Christmas day he rewarded our patience by doing a three shuffle crawl before collapsing delighted.

Sloppy sock: Gabriel just doesn't seem to "get" the concept of food.
Splendid sock: We are a billion miles away from the gagging, retching, distressed diner of yesterday. Lately we've been getting a few "MMMs" and "yum yums" from Master Gabe and his intake is slowly increasing. He is trusting more people when they approach him with a spoon. Gastro doc seems happy enough with his weight gain and there are no signs of wasting on his little body. One day we will skip to the chip shop together.

Sloppy sock: My son goes to a special school.
Splendid sock: But what a special, marvellous school it is. Three weeks in and I am looking forward to the new term. Gabe seems very settled and happy in this brand new setting. He is in a group of seven - his tiny band of brothers - and many are so like him in lots of ways. Good things are going to happen to him there I am sure of it.

Sloppy sock: He doesn't run around like a crazy toddler demanding biscuits and putting his fingers in power sockets.
Splendid sock: He doesn't run around like a crazy toddler demanding biscuits and putting his fingers in power sockets. Although I secretly can't wait for the day he does, I have to admit Gabriel is one chilled out baby. He is happy most of the time and delights in everything from a sibling burp to a family rendition of twinkle twinkle little star.

Sloppy sock: His understanding is hard to establish and is likely to be very limited.
Splendid sock: He understands enough. He knows when we are going out in the pram, recognises Granny's road and the outside of the swimming pool. He can shake his head for no and sign for yes. He has also been known to flick the Vs when he thinks you are being a bad sport. And is canny enough to know that if he wails at 2am he will be scooped up and plonked into the middle of mummy and daddy's bed where like a little prince will steal the whole bed and fall asleep with a giant smile on his face.

Sloppy sock: Not much progress has been made this year. It is Ground Hog Day on sedatives.
Splendid sock: If you hit the pause button or slow it all down, you can see this has been a technicolour special effects masterpiece. He might not be ticking your traditional milestone boxes but he is racking up those inch-stones. From being able to play in the bath, do certain actions in favourite nursery rhymes, noticing and then hero-worshipping Iggle piggle, being a boy about bodily function noises and trying each day to be better than he was yesterday.

So the moral of the tale. Perhaps buy some tights.

Gabe says: "Forget your bed socks check me out with my chrimbo jammies and slippers"


  1. HA - you have an amazing way of looking at things ;) FRom now on, I shall also live my life via 'the sock'. You could start a cult you know... lol x Hope you had a fab start to the NY missus xxx

  2. Haha yes every decision will start with "what would the sock do?". Wallybubba might just eat it. Happy new year to you too xx