Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Goodbye Peter Pan: a guest post from Gabe

An excerpt from the early memoirs of Prime Minster Gabe, leader of the free world. Also best mate of Prince George (who is married to his older sister Princess Erin I). His mother is Duchess of Birmingham (made so by Prince George for keeping Princess Erin in check when on one of her moody moods).

Yo Yo Yo Rat Fans!

I knows that is a right trendy greeting because my mummy says it and there is no one more cool and trendy than my mummy. I haven't had time to add to this writy thingy for yonks as I have been really busy learning how to pull out bath plugs and finally figuring out how to open the doors on the pink house in my sister's room. But I have lots and lots of news to tell you. All sorts has been going on.

Too Kool for Skool

How lucky am I. Three days a week I get to go on a bus all by myself without my mummy and daddy and go to big school - just like my big brother and sister. And I loves it. As soon as I have my shoes on I want to go right away. Like straight away. Right now. Sometimes mummy doesn't realise that so I have to shove her in the face a lot and throw my head backwards and yell a lot. Silly mummy. Once the bus arrives it is great. Everyone from my house likes to pile on the bus giving me loads of kisses but I am like "laters mar and pa, now get off the bus before it is time for lunch." Good job I am first on so my dudes can't witness this homilabation. I love hanging out with all my buddies - we spend a lot of time clicking. I click my mouth, my mate clicks his mouth, then another mate clicks his mouth and then I click my mouth.........it's beyond brill.

My great school

Fixing my poo-wee-terry gland

I have a poo-wee-terry gland in my body that does not work very well (in fact I think mine is pretty rubbish). This is the reason why I haven't been growing very well and might be part of the reason why my muscles don't listen to my brain too. I am going to start having injections in my bum, which makes my big brother giggle. I am much looking forward to growing big and tall. My big sister said they can use me to reach the tall cupboards where the biscuits are kept. I do hope it makes me stronger too as I would I like that very much - maybe one day I can bounce high on the trampoline too instead of getting squished bobbing on the floor. Mum says I won't be Peter Pan anymore - she is silly as my name is Gabe - duh!

Riding my bike big boy style

Loads of lovely people went to a clever quiz thingy and drank loads of the perfumed drink (or was that just my mummy) and raised loads of pennies to buy me a brilliant new bike. Me and my big brother and sister went out riding last week before Noah wanted to build a new ark (daddy said this and I don't know what it means; he was also talking about collecting two sets of all animals - my dad is daft). I loves my new bike but wanted to go faster but mummy was way too slow at the back. My big brother and sister had a go and they were way fasterer but mummy did her cross face. We'll get dada out next time he is a bit more dopey and probably won't notice.

Going commando

I am getting brill at getting on all fours but my head is sort of getting in the way. Silly head. Mummy was told to help me by putting food in front of me - between you and me though I don't think the orange mush will do it. It is more likely to make me want to roll under the couch.

Hanging out

A strange thing has started to happen, which is just ace ventura. My big brother and sister have started to let me play with them. I have wanted to do this for ages and ages but they just used to tap me on the head and give me some bells. Now we have fabby fun all the time.

Playing lasagne is a brill game but I am glad I am not on the bottom!

The hair dresser game is great. I get some cool hair dos.

Discovering I likes mush

Okay so I don't like mush - who does - but day after day, meal after meal it keeps appearing and it seems to make mummy and daddy clap if I eat it. And they like clapping. No fugger has given me some of that yummy smelling toast thingy yet - they all seem to munch on it all day long. Maybe if I let them clap a bit more they might give me a bit.

If anyone knows my mummy could they ask for a different colour of mush every once and a while - it is just that the other kids from skool sometimes have stuff that is not so erm... orange.

Three in the bed and the little one says...

Finally the parentals have cracked it. Their bed is way too big for two. For months now I have been letting them know that's the place I want to be and they just kept shoving milk in my mouth or putting on that Mozart geezer. At last - the penny has dropped. I cry, they run and get me and put me in the middle of them where I will put one hand under mummy's chin and the other on daddy's nose. Bliss. Mummy says it a temporary solution while we all get some sleep and figure it out. But I knows best.

Perfect. Tar!
So anyhows that's me. How's you?
love Gabe

Gabe says: "Not now mummy. I'm busy doing the blogging."

This is the link to the first Peter Pan post written last year. http://complicatedgorgeousness.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/hey-peter-pan-baby-it-is-time-to-come.html
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  1. This is such a wonderful post, love the photos, especially of Gabe with his brother and sister. #SSAA

  2. Bless him - he looks like he loves his new bike #SSAA

  3. I love that he thinks you're cool for using phrases like yo,yo, yo rat fans! My children feel exactly the same way about me when I say things of a similar ilk, I just know it! What a bind it is to be so cool and interesting eh - I guess some of us just have to set the standard though! ;-)

    1. We are just so cool it is untrue ;) Yo yo fellow rat fan xx

  4. He is adorable!
    Gabe, I have a tip for you, let your mother know that whilst you may not make strides for mush, spots of melty chocolate might do the trick ;)

    1. You'll get me crawling for bits of melty chocolate x

  5. heeheehee :) This is too cute and funny! I quite like that perfumed drink stuff too... funny that :))) x

  6. I love these posts, they make me smile. So glad he loves his new bike and the photos with his brother and sister are fantastic, it's great to see them all playing together. Our little guy also likes to co-sleep and if it means we all get sleep then so be it ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)