Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The very angry foot (that stamps on caterpillars)

In the light of the moon an angry foot lay on a bed.

One Sunday morning the warm sun came up 
and – pop!- out of the bed came the tiny big
and very angry foot.
It started to walk around its home.

On Monday it stood on one broken book.
And it was still angry.

On Tuesday it stood on two Barbies in a car. 
And it was still angry.

On Wednesday it stood on three half built Lego bits.
And it was still angry.

On Thursday it stood on four coloured bricks. 
And it was still angry.

On Friday it stood on five different discarded shoes.
And it was still angry.

On Saturday it stood on one baby, one sensory ball, one set of bells, one pushed over baby stage (with mirror) 

One Pritstick, one dirty nappy, one bath toy and one charger.

That night it had footache! 

The next day was Sunday again. The foot got a binbag and threw in everything left discarded on the floor and after that it felt much better.

Now it didn't feel like a foot any more - and it wasn´t a foot any more. It was a big, fat swollen sore foot!

It wrapped a bandage, like a cocoon, around itself. It stayed on for more than two weeks. Then it placed all the bin-bagged items and more besides on Ebay and made a small fortune. 

Then it made a hole in the cocoon bandage, pushed its way out

into some designer beautiful shoes.

@Sophia Webster 2014 Butterfly Shoes. Expensive like.

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  1. You make me giggle!! (and want expensive shoes with butterflies on them!) Love this! xx

  2. Those lego pieces are my worst enemy! They really are painful to step on too and no matter tidying up I do with them they always crawl back out of the toy box. #pocolo

  3. I would love to walk from one room to another without having to step over(or on) a million different things along the way, those Legos and plugs are the worst but Sylvanian Families bits and pieces are up there in my top 5 too.
    You can keep the shoes though as I'm petrified of butterflies lol #PoCoLo

  4. Utterly brilliant!! But please tell me how you make enough money on ebay to buy fancy shoes?! ;) x